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Flotilla 10-13 Staff-2011FC Collar Device

Flotilla Commander -  Michele Rollino (SO-MS)

Flotilla Vice Commander -  Bruce Pugh (DVC-RE, FSO-CS)VFC Device

Immediate Past Flotilla Commander - Gus Formato (DCDR, ADSO-MT, SLO [State Liaison Officer])


FSO-CM Communications - Stan Cantilina 

FSO-CS Computer Services (WebMaster) - Bruce Pugh  (DVC-OE [Division Chief, Response Projects & Educational Outreach - National Response Department])

FSO-FN Finance - Anthony Lorenc

FSO-IS Information Systems - Pat Ermilio (FSO-PE, FSO-OP, SO-OP, ADSO-OP)

FSO-MA Materials - Lauren Pugh (ADSO-MA)

FSO-MS Marine Safety - Kimberly M Ackerson-Baez

FSO-MT Member Training - Ken Hall

FSO-NS Navigation Services (Aids to Navigation) - Henry Uiga

FSO-OP Operations - Pat Ermilio (FSO-PE, FSO-IS, SO-OP, ADSO-OP)

FSO-PB Publications - Steve Potts

FSO-PA Public Affairs - Aaron Forste & Donna Breuer

FSO-PE Public Education - Pat Ermilio (FSO-IS, FSO-OP, SO-OP, ASDO-OP)

FSO-HR Personnel Services (New Members) - Marge Korteweg

FSO-PV Program Visitor (Marine Dealer visits) - Kevin Fear

FSO-SR Secretary of Records - Donna Formato

FSO-VE Vessel Examinations (VSC) - Bob Martone

Special Activities - Donna Formato, Pat Ermilio

Senior Mentor - Dick Bagley

Total Annual Hours for 10-13

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
>23,200 >22,500


>29,400 >37,000 >47,800

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