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Key Operations forms and activity sheets are available by clicking the links in the left column of this page.  Contact our FSO-OP, SO-OP, ADSO-OP - Pat Ermilio if you have questions.  Most forms are available in PDF format, and some are also available in Microsoft Office formats (Word or Excel).

To request orders please use this Division 10 Patrol Order Request Form and forward it to Pat ErmilioSame Document in MS Word format.

December 2009 - Operations Workshop for 2010 is now available.  Operations Workshop Facilitator guide is now available.  See the National Response website (December 2009 posting) for details

April 2008 - ALAUX from the Chief Director - Non-Operational Facilities Category Eliminated -012/09.

  • As a matter of information, NEXCOM and the National Bridge recently made final the decision to eliminate "non-operational facilities" from the categories of vessels in the Auxiliary. CG-5421 concurs with this action which is effective immediately.
  • The Auxiliary Ensign may now fly only on either inspected surface facilities that display a current facility decal or on vessels owned by Auxiliarists that have successfully completed a Vessel Safety Check and that display a current VSC decal.

April 2008 - Sector NY Operations Policy manual Supplement (SECNYINST 16798.1C) - 2008 Supplement to Auxiliary OPS Manual (COMDTINST M. 16798.3E) is now available.

November 2008 - Revised regulations notice regarding inflatable PFDs.  Certain inflatable vests are authorized for use after June 1 2009.  Full details have been posted to the National Surface Operations page.

October 2008 - ORION Flair Product Alert - Orion Safety Products, manufacturer of the Skyblazer hand-launched red aerial flare (“Skyblazer”), has received a report indicating the safety sleeve on the Skyblazer may become detached from the launch tube body during ignition.  Click here to see their announcement for details.

September 2008 - From Cmdr Young to ALAUXDIST1SR 008/08 -

4) Jewelry and Boating: Every year there seems to be a few people who are surprised by our jewelry policy and are not prepared to remove their jewelry before getting underway.

The Boat Crew Seamanship Manual, COMDTINST 16114.5C states the following: The wearing of jewelry, including rings, wristwatches, necklaces or other items not consisting of organizational clothing, PPE, or uniform articles by boat crew members engaged in hoisting, towing, or other deck evolutions where the potential for snagging exists is prohibited. OICs and Coxswains will address this during all pre-underway briefs and Coxswains shall ensure jewelry is removed prior to beginning all deck evolutions. This paragraph can be found in Chapter 4, Chapter 7, Chapter 16, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18 and Chapter 19. Unfortunately this is not an area that I have the ability to waiver. I understand how difficult it is for many of our members to remove their wedding rings, both physically and mentally. If it is physically difficult to remove the ring then it is likely a hazard to the member medically as well and they should consider resizing the ring for their own health and safety. I fully understand the emotional attachment; many in our membership have been married for countless years and rarely if ever remove their ring. For those members I hope they consider a special recognition of their ring when they remove it, such as pinning it close to their heart inside a pocket or making a very special place for their ring, safe at home awaiting their return. Neither I, nor the Chief Director’s office will be able to waiver this policy.  [Source:ALAUXDIST1SR, FM: CDR E. D. Young, SUBJ: Miscellaneous Topics - 008/08]

 August 2008 - New Operations Courses Available on eLearn

Two new courses, Operations Policy and Navigation Rules, are now available on eLearn. Operations Policy reviews the Operations Policy manual, preparing you to take the test, a prerequisite for Coxswain, PWC Operator, and several Aviation quals. Navigation Rules reviews COLREGS, preparing you for the NavRules70 exam, a prerequisite for Coxswain and PWC Operator, as well as the 5 year recertification exam. eLearn is an online training resource sponsored by the National Training Department.


National Training Department

July 2008 - High impact PFDs are available from Here is the order form, you will need to include your Auxiliary member ID number to get GSA pricing.  There is an 800 number on the form to call for prices.  As of July 2008, Model MV5600 (100MPH impact for PWO), was $92.91 and the MV1254 34 (50 MPH impact), was available for $52.59, but you should call for current pricing and model numbers.

May 2008 - PWC Carriage Requirements Changes

After careful consideration by the Surface Stan Team, the following PWC OPFAC carriage requirements are changed effective immediately:

  • Throwable PFD is no longer required.
  • Spare spark plugs are only required for 2 stroke engines. They are no longer required for 4 stroke engines.

These items are in Appendix C (Required Facility Equipment) and again in task PWC-03-05-AUX (4.g and 4.r) of the PWC Operator Qualification Guide, COMDTINST 19794.54 (series). They are also found on the PWC Facility Inspection and Offer for Use form, ANSC 7008 in Section VII, items 12 and 20. These changes will be reflected in the next editions/revisions of these documents.

April 2008 - Reminder ALL PEPIRBS must be properly maintained. Registration and batteries must be up-to-date. This can become a safety issue when on a assignment. Re-registration can be done on-line at the NOAA site.  Batteries are ordered through our FSO-OP Pat Ermilio.

Obsolete - see April 2009 above - April 2008 - Sector NY Operations Policy manual (SECNYINST 16798.1B) - 2008 Supplement to Auxiliary OPS Manual (COMDTINST M. 16798.3E) is now available.  Sector NY Auxiliary Operations Instruction (SECNYINST 16798.1A) has also been updated for 2008 and posted.

Priority One on PatrolCommander-13 on Patrol



Commander-13 and Priority One on patrol on Greenwood lake.


GreenWood Lake Police Boat


Wait a minute that's not Ducky?


    USCG Vessel Katherine Walker on Patrol at GW bridge



The Katherine Walker taking up station as Sector Command at the GW Bridge during Fleet Week 2006



SeaSmoke on Patrol-Husdon River




Sea Smoke covering the Hudson River and NY Harbor.



PWC On Patrol-Greenwood Lake

PWC On Patrol-Greenwood Lake



10-13 PWCs getting underway on Greenwood Lake.



December 2007 - Very interesting article on inflatable PFD, their use, care and maintenance is available on the from the Auxiliary B department site.

November 2007 - Updated regulations on hypothermia protection from CHDIRAUX, effective immediately.  See NotesUpdates page of the National Operations (Response) website for Hypothermia Devices - OPM Change -030/07.

September 2007 - Questions About reimbursement under SAMA?
The Operations Department has created a web page to address questions about the Standard Auxiliary Maintenance Allowance (SAMA) program, visit

August 2007 - Procedures for requesting orders are detailed in this memoNote: All orders will AUTO CANCEL if not completed in POMS by you or via manual submission of paperwork to FSO-OP, within 60 days of the patrol. Reactivating these orders for reimbursement is a LOOOOONG drawn out process and will greatly increase your time to payment.  Get your paperwork completed immediately after your patrol and you will not face this problem.

June 2007 - Frequently asked Questions on Surface operations from our National website.

May 2007 - Call on procedures for all orders are as follows:

  1. Sector NY Comms room- 1-718-354-4141- mention that our radio guard is with the Greenwood Lake Police.

  2. For the Hudson River patrols, maintain a 1 hour communications schedule.

  3. DO NOT leave your assigned patrol sector unless authorized or directed by Sector NY.

  4. In the event of a mishap, notify Sector immediately.

  5. Patrols need to be requested 72 hours prior to the requested date

  6. All vessels are required to fill out the MHLS forms for each patrol

  7. SAR cases require only the Aux 4612 form (one page only!!)

*** New *** Coxswains, want to check the status of your patrol reimbursement to see if it is at least made it into the system?  Try this link to the GC Finance site or this direct link where you enter your 13 digit patrol order number for a report on status.


U.S. Coast Guard Sector NY Web Site
USCG Sector NY

Operations Forms

Mission Activity Report - ANSC 7030H with instructions

Homeland Security Patrol Check List (for 1SR Division 10)

Float Plan and instructions

Division 10 Patrol Order Request

SectorNY America's Waterway Watch Activity form

Member Activity Log (aka 99 form) - ANSC 7029I New version for 2010.  Excel Worksheet version

SAR Forms

Station NY SAR Chronology Log

Auxiliary SAR Incident Report CG-4612

Chronology & SAR forms in Excel format.

Coxswain SAR Reference Guide

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Annual Forms

Facility Inspection and Offer of use - ANSC 7003

PWC Facility Inspection  and Offer of use - ANSC 7008

 PWC - Currency Maintenance Check Ride form

OPS - Currency Maintenance form

Vehicle Offer of use form 7065

Radio Facility Offer of use - ANSC 7004

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Ready Bag - Recommended contents

The Bitter End Publication

Weather Conditions

At Greenwood Lake Marina, NJ

At TZ Bridge Tarrytown NY Hudson River

At Englewood boat basin Hudson River


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