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Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual**
Qualification Guide-Crew**
Qualification Guide-Coxswain**
Qualification Guide-PWC**
Boat Crew Seamanship Manual**
Coxswain SAR Reference Guide

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Animated Knots

AuxData Reports for the Flotilla
District 1 Notice to mariners Float Plan
Instructor Slides available online. NOAA Online Charts 
National Commodore website SITREP reports
Travel Claim information USCGA Online Testing
10-13 Standing Rules Rev 2010 Surface Operations Manuals
Surface Operations FAQ Want to know more about ATONs?
Raynor Marine Services NavRules test e-Testing Site ntc.cgaux.org
Policy for New Members in Approval Pending (AP) Status Expense Reimbursement
Flotilla MEETING HALL-Schedule & Directions USCG Aux National Help Wanted
Web sites for Auxiliary Units ALCOAST Message Board
BS&S 13th edition Errata Ready Bag Contents
Coast Guard Civil Rights manual Boating Safety Basics Presentation
Be Qualified (Surface, Air, TCO)New Icon  
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Member News for 10-13
News & Events from Division 10
What's new from 1st District SR.
What's new from National web site.
Links to other 1SR USCG Auxiliary Web Sites

Link to Auxiliary eDirectory

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Are you wondering what it takes to get qualified in in the various programs in the Response area: Surface Operations, Air Operations or as a TCO in Tele Communications?  Qualification guides and information can be found at this link.

A great Reference source for PA & PB officers - The National PA Department has a very good reference site for information.

NOAA’s 1,000-plus U.S. coastal and Great Lakes nautical charts are viewable here on-line.   Each chart is up-to-date with the most recent Notices to Mariners corrections. http://www.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/mcd/OnLineViewer.html

Expense Reimbursement - Effective January 1, 2008 all reimbursement to Auxiliarists for travel, OPS (fuel, water, oil), damage claims, and official expenses will only be done through direct deposit [source: ALAUX from CHDIRAUX - DIRECT DEPOSIT (DD) AND ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER (EFT) REQUIREMENT FOR AUXILIARISTS -032/007 sent 11/14/2007].  If you have not already registered with CG for the direct deposit system here is an excerpt from the above notice

Direct Deposit can be most easily established by enrolling on the Coast Guard Finance Center (FINCEN) web site at: www.fincen.uscg.mil/aux_info.htm (select the "EFT/ACH Enrollment Form" option, fill in the blanks, and electronically submit the form directly to FINCEN). An EFT enrollment form is also available in Appendix G of the Auxiliary Manual (page G-56) and in the Forms section of the Auxiliary web site at:
http://forms.cgaux.org/forms.html (use form FMS-2231-CGAUX).
In accordance with instructions on the electronic form, it can either be faxed to FINCEN (ATTN: T-16) at (757) 523-6769, or it can be mailed to FINCEN at:

Commanding Officer (opc-5c)
U.S. Coast Guard Finance Center
1430A Kristina Way
Chesapeake, VA 23326-1000

Criteria, instructions, and application forms for Flotilla National Awards

Instructors - Need copies of the latest slide presentations and instructor aids? Go to the National Education Department siteMost of the instructor presentation aids are designed for viewing with Microsoft PowerPoint.  If you do not have MS Office, you can get a free PowerPoint viewer directly from Microsoft.

District 1 Local Notice to Mariners - the USCG District One Local Notice to Mariners <http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/lnm/d1/> is available for download.

In addition, the 2006 USCG Light List Volume One <http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/pubs/LightLists/V1COMPLETE.PDF> is available for download and is updated to Local Notice (16-2006) as is a summary of corrections <http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/pubs/LightLists/Corrections/V1D01.pdf>


CG Personnel Service Command (PSC) and the CG Finance Center (FINCEN) have restored the capability for people who have submitted Coast Guard travel claims to view their associated Travel Voucher Summaries (TVS) online. A TVS will show you what elements of your travel claim have been reimbursed, and how they add up to the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) that is deposited directly into your prescribed bank account. This system only reflects TVSs for official travel claims (e.g. - travel associated with attending a C-school or conference on Coast Guard orders...not for Auxiliary patrol orders) for the past 90-day period.

You can access this capability a couple of ways:

  • If you are at the PSC web site (http://www.uscg.mil/hq/psc/):
    • click the "Travel" button in the top horizontal menu bar - this will take you to PSC Travel Branch page.
    • then click the "Travel Claim Status & Voucher Summaries" button immediately below the top horizontal menu bar - this will take you to the "Travel Claim/Voucher Status" page
    • plug in your Social Security number where indicated (it's a secure entry)
    • click and your TVS history for the past 90 days will appear.
  • If you want to go directly to the TVS web site, type the address (https://www.fincen.uscg.mil/tvs_aux/) - once there, plug in your Social Security number where indicated, then click for your TVS history for the past 90 days.

As reviewed and summarized by the Auxiliary's Information and Communications Services Department, with online access to your Travel Voucher Summary (TVS) system restored, there are now three important resources to make Coast Guard travel reimbursement and review much easier:

Combined, these make for an easier and more accurate way to process and review your Coast Guard travel (not patrol order) claims.  The increased accuracy reduces processing time which means faster payments. 

*** To get a status on your Patrol orders go to the CG Finance page and enter your 13 digit patrol order number.

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Your Activity - Want to monitor and track all that paperwork that you diligently send into Pat every month to make sure AuxInfo has recorded it correctly.  Go to this site for a step by step procedure to create a 'favorites' link for your browser, directly into AUXInfo that will display your accumulated hours and mission count for 2006.  Very cool.

Change of member information form (ANSC 7028).  Used to correct member information in AuxData.  Complete the form and forward to our FSO-IS officer.

Member Awards - Lists counts of awards for each member of the flotilla.  Very useful in determining ribbons you have gotten and the correct number of stars on those ribbons.

Member Activities - Lists all Flotilla members and their current hours for all categories of activities, for all years in AUXDATA.

Member Tasks - Lists members and a count of tasks completed for training seminars, currency maintenance tasks, etc. (for all years)

Member Competencies - Lists all Flotilla members and the counts of their certification competencies in each of the following areas Air, Boat, General, Marine Safety, Unit (includes APC (Administrative Procedures Course), AUXOP, Instructor, VE, Leadership, RBS, Watchstander).

10-13 Facilities - Count of radio, boat and aircraft facilities currently in 10-13.

10-13 Activities - How busy are we?  This lists the total hours by type of mission logged for our flotilla for all years in AuxData (from 2002 on).

10-13 Activities 2005 - Summary of all 2005 missions by quarter.  Over 28,000 hours, Bravo Zulu to all.

10-13 Activities 2006 - Summary of all hours by auxiliary member logged calendar year 2006.  Over 23,300 hours. 

10-13 Activities 2007 - Summary of all hours by auxiliary member logged for calendar year 2007.  Over 22,500 hours.

10-13 Activities YTD 2008 - Summary of all hours by auxiliary member logged to date for calendar year 2008.  Report shows total hours by operational area groupings.  Get your paperwork into Pat and watch the numbers move.

Float Plan Central - USCG Auxiliary FloatPlan Website.

USCG On-line Testing Site.

Animated Knots - Great web site that has full animations of tying all kinds of knots including fishing and climbing in addition to boating.

SITREP - Visit SITREP, our online e-magazine, to learn about the people and activities of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Web site for the National Commodore

Surface Operations FAQ on National website

District 1 NR web site for Aids to Navigation

See also 1st Southern web site for Aids to Navigation today to see the new AV Guide.  It's 15 pages and provides a list of what a person must perform to become an Aids to Navigation Verifier (AV). Certain task are waived for members who have a current competency as BCCOX.  This Qualification Guide is on the right hand side of the menu and marked "NEW".  Or use this direct link to the document.

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General Public

   Including information on:

  • Public Education
  • Vessel Safety Checks
  • Join the Auxiliary
  • Safe Boating class schedules

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Key Forms & Documents for Members

Member Activity Log (aka 99 form) - ANSC 7029I New version for 2010.  Excel Worksheet version

Mission Activity Report - ANSC 7030H with instructions

VE Activity Report - ANSC 7038f

Facility Inspection and Offer of use - ANSC 7003

PWC Facility Inspection  and Offer of use - ANSC 7008

Float Plan and instructions

Coxn/Crew/PWO Checklist (for new Certifications)

OPS - Currency Maintenance form

Change of member information form -ANSC 7028

Homeland Security Patrol Check List (for 1SR Division 10)

SectorNY America's Waterway Watch Activity form

Current Member ID replacement Card form


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