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* August 2006 Marine Domain Awareness (MDA) Bulletin from the Waterways Management Division Sector NY *

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Welcome to the 10-13 Web Site

Flotilla 10-13 was established on May 28, 1969 and for the past 40+ years has been providing local communities in New York and Northern New Jersey with boating safety classes, on water towing, regatta ,safety and race  support, search and rescue, and recovery missions (275 patrols a year), free vessel safety checks (over 700 a year), and free booklet and information pamphlets for local marinas.  During that same time flotilla members have also logged countless hours in many other operational and administrative support missions in support of the local Coast Guard Units at Activities New York, Station New York, and Group Sandy Hook.  In total our flotilla members have logged over 250,000 hours of volunteer service (just since 2001), in missions supporting the boating public, the United States Coast Guard, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Flotilla 10-13 is one of the most active flotillas in the nation.  We have been awarded the Flotilla Meritorious Achievement Award given by the United States Coast Guard to the best flotilla in the First District Southern Region for 25 of the past 39 years.  We have also been honored by Boat/U.S. as the best flotilla in the Nation for 2002 and again in 2004.  There are 1200 Coast Guard Auxiliary flotillas across the nation.  No flotilla has ever won this award twice, let alone twice in a 3 years time span.  In 2011 our flotilla expended over 47,800 volunteer hours (more hours than any other flotilla in the nation) in support of the United  States Coast Guard, the Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Boating Public, and the Department of Homeland Security. 

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Boat/U.S. Best Flotilla in the Nation
2002 & 2004

Boat/U.S. Flotilla of the Year Award

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The all-volunteer U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, created by act of Congress in 1939 to assist the U.S. Coast Guard, conducts vital missions of Homeland Security and Maritime Public Safety.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary is considered a 'force multiplier' to the regular and reserve Coast Guard units across the country.  The events of September 11, 2001 have created "a new normalcy", which has challenged the Auxiliary to meet expanding support roles and missions as part of the "Shield of Freedom".  Auxiliarists perform myriad duties and provide critical services throughout the United States and its territories.

The Auxiliary serves as the Coast Guard's "Executive Agent" for the Coast Guard's Recreational Boating Safety programs.  The Auxiliary's expertise in safety programs is a key national asset, not only for the safety of boaters but also for the safety of ports and waterways as well as educating the public on the importance of their partnership in maintaining a vigil in the maritime environment for any threats to our Homeland Security.

While the Coast Guard provides reimbursements for fuel, oil and some maintenance expenses to Auxiliarists for certain operational missions, Auxiliarists are responsible for not only their volunteer hours (over 4.5 Million hours in 2009), but also for purchasing their own uniforms and accessories while providing their own boats and aircraft including outfitting them to meet Coast Guard standards.   Join the premier service organization in the country, and become one of "America's Volunteer Life Savers".  Semper paratus

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